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What is CRPS?

CRPS stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
CRPS is a rare neuro-inflammatory disorder that causes severe inflammation in the sympathetic nervous system.


CRPS causes the sympathetic nervous system and the immune system to malfunction -- the nerves throughout the body misfire, overwhelming the brain signals.

CRPS/RSD is classed as the most painful chronic pain condition that is known.  On the McGill Pain Index, it ranks higher than non-terminal cancer and higher than the amputation of a finger without anesthesia.

The primary symptoms of CRPS include:
  • Burning, crushing pain

  • Abnormal swelling in the affected area

  • Abnormal skin temperature and color

  • Dystonia (muscle contractions resulting in abnormal positions)

  • Allodynia (pain from stimuli that is not normally painful -- e.g., a soft breeze or the touch of fabric)

  • Weakness and limited range of motion in the affected limb.

Common Treatments:

There is no cure for CRPS, but common treatment options


  • IV Ketamine infusions

  • Nerve blocks

  • Warm-water therapy

  • Physical and occupational therapies

  • Psychological support.

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